Yoshikoshi & Associates specialises in a broad range of immigration law for corporate and personal clients. When you engage Yoshikoshi & Associates you gain access to our expertise and tailored approach to find the best solution for your business and individual needs.


If you have previously prepared and lodged your application and your application was refused by the Department of Home Affairs or the Australian Embassies overseas, we are able to re-assess your circumstances and advise you of the merit of your case. It is important that you are aware of your legal rights with regards to reviews and appeal process so that the lodgement of your application occurs within the prescribed timeframes. 


We will be honest and upfront with our advice, which will always be based on our professional experience. If you have received an unfavourable decision, please contact us to discuss further.  Yoshikoshi & Associates will represent you in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Courts provided that you approach us within the legislative time limit to lodge your appeal.